Just pitched to a potential client and it got rejected...AGAIN? 

Do not know why and you are tired of spending hours preparing to only hear a "no" or "We'll call you back" ?
Then I have the perfect Solution for you!

Workshop: How to overcome Client Objections

How you can overcome client objections
Let's face it, we've all been there right?

I know I have and it really can put a dent in your confidence level. I have been there many times after hours of preparing to pitch to the potential client only to hear the phrases on top of this page. 

But there is a reason why this happens no matter how well you prepare for the pitch or how good your confidence is. 

You see businesses have gone through the hassle of dealing with so called gurus, were promised mountains of gold if they hired that new guy with a fresh vision on how things needed to be done

And you know what....... it got them BURNED!

Losing thousands of dollars and all faith in external agencies or freelancers coming in to tell them how to generate more sales. 

So now that you know this how can you ensure they will put their faith in you?

How will they trust you are the person that will do things differently and make it happen for them?

Your potential client will most likely refuse the offer you made them but it is important to know the reason behind it. 

And that is exactly what I am going to cover in this workshop

Figuring out the objections and how to overcome them

So if you like to figure out why your potential client says NO and how to convince them otherwise this workshop is for you!

I am going to cover the following topics:
  • Why a potential client distrusts any outside help by default
  • How to figure out the objection your client might have
  • How to overcome that objection and turn it into your advantage
  • Preparing demos for you that you can use after finishing the workshop
  • Access to a cheatsheet on how to overcome these objections
  • A great surprise at the end of the workshop

Limited spots opening!!!

As this is a very important topic and I want to make sure I can give the participants enough attention during the workshop since this is a live one, I am opening up a limited spots

A total of 20 spots will be opened for people who really want to come out of that spiral of not being able to close deals and are ready to get their next client!

The price for the 2 hour workshop will be just $47. As mentioned you will not only get in the workshop but also get demos afterwards which you can use and or customize to your own liking + an amazing surprise present that will blow your mind!!!

If you want to register be sure to do so now because soon as the spots have been filled signup will be closed. 

Date of Workshop

The date for the workshop is set at February 15th 2021 at 12pm GMT

Signup now

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