Mark van der Made chatbot and omnichannel marketing educator

Wanna learn how to grow your business through chatbot and omnichannel marketing?

I want to share everything that I know with you about how Chatbot and omnichannel marketing will help you reach more people, turn them into leads and finally into loyal customers. 

It is something I am really passionate about as I have seen the effects it can have on businesses during my 4 years working in this niche. 

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Imagine this

How would you feel if you could speak with hundreds of leads through a 1 on 1 conversation. You get to know who they are, what their preferences are or need help with. 

Now imagine the amount of hours this would take you or your team to check if a lead is the right fit for you.

What if I told you this could be done on complete autopilot?

The best part each conversation with a new lead will be totally different as it is personalized by what that person needs or is looking for. 

Is that something you would like to learn?

Who is Mark you might wonder?

Well I am just a ordinary man that has an amazing family that supports him. 
On the photo you can see us all together enjoying a family outing. 

It is because of them I decided to stop working for a boss and starting my own company. To be able to really enjoy spending time with them. 


It has not been easy. I had to start from scratch as I did not had anyone to teach me and I ended up doing the opposite of what I was intending to do, which was spending more time with my family. 

And that is why I want to help you 🙌
Meet Family van der Made
Me with my two sons and beautiful wife enjoying an outdoor adventure

Not holding back

I do not want you to start from scratch as I needed to, so that is why I want to share everything I have learned throughout my 4 years of being into chatbot marketing. There have been a lot of changes the platform has gone through. 

Some were good and some were bad. And I want to prevent you needing to go through those bad parts and focus on what is working right now!

And I am going to do that in 3 different ways.

Sharing what I know right here! 

This website will be the place for me to share all kinds of information, use cases and much more about omnichannel marketing. 

I will also be posting videos which can be viewed on the website or on my channel at YouTube. If you like to subscribe to it and help me out so I can deliver more content to you then I would appreciate that really much 😁

I will be sharing posts with you multiple times a month so be sure to check it out often or subscribe to be notified when I have new content through Messenger here.

Helping your personally learn all about chatbot and omnichannel marketing

I also provide a more personalized approach where I help you grow your business through my membership called the Template Club.

This membership provides all features you need to grow and learn how to build chatbots and apply omnichannel marketing. 

If you like to learn about it you can read all about it by pressing the button below
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