how using ai helps overcome writer's block

How using AI can help overcome your writer's block

By Mark on November 20, 2021

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There is nothing more frustrating for content creators than to have writer's block. Especially because your whole business is depending on you producing good solid content. 

For as an educator, I have had this exact same issue for the past 8 weeks and it really hurt my business. 

Luckily for me, I was able to turn this around and in this article, I want to tell you how I did that, in the hopes that it will help you as well.

So let's dive in!

What we are going to cover

What is Writer's block?

We all know how frustrating it can be when you cannot write an essay, research paper or blog post. 

Writer's block is a common situation for many creatives and I have experienced this myself in the recent past as mentioned above. 

It pulls creativity to a standstill because there are no words coming out of your head! 

For me personally, writer's block meant that my progress was slower than usual and this hurt my business tremendously. 

To give a quick overview of how devastating this was for me, my revenue in the past 3 months decreased by 55%. 

Imagine that for a second..... missing out on more than half of your revenue. It's crazy, right?

That is how important content creation is for me. 

So now that we have a little more insight into what the actual issue contains, what would be the solution to overcome it? 

Using AI to help me write the content

The solution that I found for myself was actually something that nobody would suggest right off the bat.

I am using an AI platform to help me with my content creation when I'm struggling, both when it comes to researching and writing in general.

For people who write blogs or articles, AI can help create credible and interesting content.

From a writer's point of view, because AI will read a text and extract relevant information, they can be confident about what is discussed in their articles.

Articles that are written using machine learning tools help create content that people always want to explore more on blogs or websites.

So in short you can research what people are searching for on search engines in your own area of expertise and then start writing about it with the help of AI.

But does AI replace the entire need you have for writing good and solid content?

Can AI replace content writers?

In the age of automation, content writing has become a very tedious and time-consuming task.

Content writers are working on repetitive tasks such as finding keywords, sourcing for new content ideas, proofreading and editing the content, etc.

It is true that AI can be a replacement for some tasks but not all. There will always be something that humans do better than machines.

For example, the output generated by AI can be really technical-driven. This might not match your own writing style so although you can fantastic content with AI you still need to be sure it matches your own branding.

I found that the correct balance between AI content and my own is about 75% - 25%. 

So 75% can be generated by AI but the remaining 25% is the part where I customize the content to match my style of writing and my brand.

Does AI affect your ranking in search engines?

Search engines are now using AI to study human behavior on the Internet.

Artificial intelligence algorithms cannot replace humans, but they can give brands an edge over competitors that use simple keyword tools without any natural processing skills.

There are no hard and fast rules for content creation. AI software is not going to fix all the problems that people have with writing. It won't replace the creative, educated mind.

You will need to find the right balance between generated AI content and adding your own touch to it to really make it your own.

Seo-wise having this balance will definitely affect your ranking in a good way since the AI will do the research for you, help you with the content generation, and at the same time, you can add in your own touch to make that generated content your own.

How to speed up your writing process even more

I found that instead of working from a blank page or canvas I know much rather work with templates.

For every platform, I now have some kind of template set up that acts basically as a wireframe of how I should structure a particular post, blog or video that I create.

This definitely helped me to overcome my writer's block as well because now I start from a framework and I fill in the blanks.

So try to think about a template for your setup to overcome your writer’s block and speed up your content creation process as well.

And you can apply this to everything you do for your business. Have a template or framework set up for your email that you want to send out. Think about cold outreach, follow-up emails, whatever you think could benefit from such a framework.

Another example could be if you need to write copies for your website like product descriptions or that of your services.

You could pay expensive marketers to do the job for you and most likely the content will be amazing but with a downside. Often it does not match your style or your branding and then the message that goes out will be confusing.

I also see many marketers just copy content from other websites and pasting it in, then rewriting it to come over as an original text copy whilst it still is a form of Plagiarism.

So instead of hiring marketers consider building those templates that allow you to only fill in the missing information that can be generated with the help of AI, and customized by yourself.

Yes, it can be quite the time investment in the beginning, but believe me when I say that you will save hours each day from that point forward!

Copywriting can be a challenge but with the help of AI, it certainly is not a problem that you cannot overcome.

Does AI only help with Blog related content?

No, it can definitely help you with short-form content as well.

I am using my platform of choice to create posts on social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

The good news is that I have the AI do the hard work to come up with new ideas or angles, and after I come one and customize the content to match my own style.

It is a great way and combination of creating content with the help of such a great tool. It produces quality content and I rewrite certain parts of it to match it to me.

And so far search engines like Google keep ranking my blogs, videos, and sometimes even my posts believe it or not :)

What to look out for when using AI?

Assess the quality of your content. There is no one formula on how to create great copy, but there are some trends that you can follow to see will it actually shows results or come back with mixed results.

Find out if your site is SEO friendly and check Google webmaster tools for errors on particular pages/posts etc. Sometimes content fails due to technical mistakes in certain areas like over-optimization, wrong use of keywords, etc... Always keep in mind that millions of users are reading your content.

Quality is more important than quantity, so don't try to focus on publishing all the time looking for where you can improve every input.

Grammar is also an important factor. So having an extension like Grammarly which helps in correcting those errors on the spot.

With the help of AI you will be able to create unique pieces of content, but you always need to read over them to make sure no errors are present, and if it matches your style.

What AI platform are you using?

Well, I wanted to wait with this until the end to make sure I keep you captivated so here goes...

The platform is called Scalenut  and it helps me with all of the above. You can generate all sorts of short-content and or long-form content.

scalenut ai content generation
It allows you to build amazing blog articles, social media posts, ad copies and or headlines and so much more.

Above all I am thankful it helped me overcome my writer's block and because of that, I was able to generate content for all my channels for the end of this year. Beginning of next month I am going to focus on the content for January 2022 and work about 4-6 weeks ahead within a day or two.

It's crazy that one platform was such a life changer for me and get my business back on track.

Passing up on a tool like this would be insane!

If you have any questions feel free to send me a message
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